ABOUT LOVE. Smell of Roses

This vibrant pattern from the "About Love" collection features a dense array of roses in full bloom, rendered in a dynamic and spirited red-orange hue that evokes feelings of passion and warmth. Each rose is stylized with swirling lines, creating an energetic and fluid visual rhythm that brings the pattern to life.
The monochromatic color scheme allows the intricacy of the roses to stand at the forefront, making a bold statement that is both romantic and modern. This seamless pattern captures the essence of romance and the timeless beauty of roses, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of design applications.
Perfect for fashion, such as dresses or scarves, home decor like bedding or upholstery, or even stationery and gift wrap, this pattern adds a touch of love and elegance to any product. The "Smell of Roses" design from the "About Love" collection is a celebration of love's most iconic flower, offering a classic yet fresh approach to floral patterns.


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