About me

I’m a professional designer, with a passion for traveling (wandering soul), currently located in Lithuania.

I’ve been always keen to drawing from my childhood and then I went to the School of Arts, Design Studio and then I graduated with a diploma in Graphic Design from university.

As a child I always dreamed of the endless things around me - about an endless pack of chips, an endless cartoon, an endless game with my beloved friend, an endless interesting book and endless felt-tip pens. That is why I create endless patterns.

Orangeries and greenhouses are my main inspiration. They are the main point to visit on my every journey. There is a very short blooming and bright season in my city - only a couple of months of summer. That is probably why I love to draw exotic plants and flowers so much and add more color and brilliance. For inspiration, I go to flower shops and buy different flowers there, which become heroes of my new partners. I have already gathered a whole collection of succulents on my windowsill.

I like to travel and work in different places - in the park, by the sea, on the beach, in a cafe or at home on the balcony. Surrounded by people, I work with great pleasure.

I have my own muse like many artists do. This is my cat named Cat) He loves to sleep next to my workplace, follow the process and drink water from a watercolor glass. By the way, I started drawing patterns just when I got a Cat. We moved many times and lived in different cities and countries with him.

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